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-======Paper-clip Switch====== 
-This switch of a folded playing card, bill or slip of paper, accomplished while apparently removing the item from a paper clip or similar device, has a history of reinvention. Karl Fulves a description of it in //[[|Interlocutor]]//, No. 49, 1988, p. 226. About its history, he wrote: "Origin of the above switch is unknown. I've used it for about 25 years." 
-Alexander de Cova developed the same switch, using a clothes pin instead of a paper clip, c. 1985. He recounts his memory of its development in his book //Ein Profi packt aus...//, 1992, p. 111. He first published it in his lecture notes //[[|Unterhaltung durch Illusion]]//, 1988, unnumbered pages. 
-Jay Sankey also reinvented the switch, which he included in //[[|100% Sankey]]// by Richard Kaufman, 1990, p. 36, under the title of "#*@!".