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PCAM Publications

The PCAM was founded in 1930, with Lloyd E. Jones as president. Jones maintained that office for four years, with Caryl Fleming taking over in 1934. The Diebox began publication in July 10, 1933, published by Walter Adrian, out of Portland, Oregon. Lloyd Jones was associate editor. The first issue featured an announcement for the first PCAM convention on July 13-15, 1933. By the second issue, Adrian began running under the masthead the line “Endorsed by the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians”. And by 1934, the PCAM was advertising The Diebox as “The Official P.C.A.M. Magazine”. However, by September 1934, Adrian threw in the towel, after publishing fifteen issues. Shortly after its demise, Gerald Kosky and William Taylor began publishing Pacific Coast Magic News, starting January 1935 and continuing for seventeen issues, until August 1936. Then Genii took over as the official magazine for the PCAM, with its first issue in September 1936. Lloyd Jones published the New P.C.A.M. News as a quarterly, from September 1959 through June 1967, putting out a total of thirty-one issues.