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The Origins of Wonder

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Producing a Gimmick as a Production Item

This idea has popped up numerous times over the years. A few examples: Jack Chanin decorated a dye tube to look like a cigar, so that he could produce it after the silk-dying effect. In “The Ceremony of Atman-ka” by Stephen Minch (in Tony Andruzzi's Grimoire of the Mages, 1978), after a toad is produced from a Drumhead Tube, the load chamber is produced as a “ceremonial obelisk”. A bit subtler example is James Dimarre's “Astaire Change” (Spectacle, 1990, p. 157), in which an Appearing Cane aids in changing the color of a silk, then the cane is produced from the silk. Fantasio marketed a trick in which a silk and a battery in a flashlight transposed the silk going into a false, hollow battery, à la Silk to Egg. Mike Caveney decorates a load bag to look like a comedy chicken, so that once the load items have been produced from someone's coat, the bag comes out as the last item. See “Comedy Load Bag” in his Magicomedy, 1981, p. 73.