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Purse Frame

See “The Invisible Purse” by Little Johnny Jones, in The Seven Circles, Vol. 4 No. 1, October 1932, p.8, for what may be the first appearance of this idea. Later, there is “Bill Nord's Purse” in Phoenix, No. 212, Sept. 22, 1950, p. 848. Ref. MAGIC, May 1995, p. 54. Two issues later, in the Oct. 20, 1950 number of Phoenix, appeared “Scotch Purse” by Eugene L. Bulson, who says the idea of the skeleton frame was shown him by Charles R. (“Baffles”) Brush “more than twenty years ago”, who in turn credited it, in Bulson's recollection, to Al Baker. All this, if correct, places it before Jones. The matter is further muddied or clarified (take your pick) by the statement “As Performed by Little Johnny Jones” in the Seven Circles write-up, leaving Jones's claim unclear.