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-====== Sponge Rabbits ====== 
-Frances Marshall, in //[[|The Success Book]]// and also in //The Magic Dealer//, Vol. 2 No. 5, credits Jack Strothers as the first to cut and sell sponge rubber in the form of little rabbits. 
-In //Magic Manuscript//, Vol. 8 No.2, Sept./Oct. 1986, p. 39, Charles Reynolds claims that Carlo (Sommer) invented the idea behind the Multiplying Sponge Rabbits, by marketing a trick in 1930 called "The Gopher Birds". (See also //[[|Magicol]]//, No. 152, Aug. 2004, p. 3.) Bob Nelson is commonly credited with the later multiplying sponge-rabbit variation, which he marketed c. June 1941 as [[|"Peter Rabbit Goes to Town"]], showing himself as the creator. Coincidentally, in early 1942 Jack Strothers moved from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio, to work for [[|Nelson]]. 
-See also [[misc:sponge_balls|Sponge Balls]].