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 +======Thumb Tip======
 +This ubiquitous feke, originally made of metal, was invented by Prof. Herwin (William Humpage) c. 1885-6; see //​[[https://​​display/​4205/​Magic+Wand+Vol+23/​183|The Magic Wand]]//, Vol. 23 No. 164, Dec. 1934, p. 149. Later variations have been manufactured in rubber and various plastics. The feke was little noticed by conjurers until it was popularized in the early twentieth century by a New York magician, Al Meiners, who used it in his marketed method for replicating Ching Ling Foo's Torn and Restored Paper Strip effect; see Max Maven in //​[[https://​​display/​67959/​Gibeci+re/​100|Gibecière]]//,​ Vol. 9 No. 2, Summer 2014, p. 98.