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-====== Billet-switching Rod ====== 
-The prop is described by Sachs'​s in //Sleight of Hand// (1877), p. 187. There it is used to switch a half card. A needlessly more complex prop for the same purpose was proposed by George Johnson in the March 1939 issue of //​[[http://​​display/​38839/​The+Magic+Wand/​200|The Magic Wand]]//, (Vol. 28, No. 184, p. 154), titled "A Billet-switching Appliance"​. It consisted of two pieces of lath, cleft at the ends and joined by a piece of elastic in a manner that caused one of the lengths of lath, when released by the fingers, to spin end for end, switching a spectator'​s billet for a dummy one as the performer walked back to the stage.