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 ======Newspaper Tree====== ======Newspaper Tree======
-The paper novelty of creating a "​tree"​ from a rolled cylinder of newspaper seems to have appeared c. 1907Ellis Stanyon advertised instructions for it in the October 1907 issue of Stanyon'​s ​//​[[https://​​display/​16692/Stanyon+s+Magic+Vol+08+No+01/6|Magic]]//, Vol. No. 1, p. 6. +The paper novelty of creating a "​tree"​ from a rolled cylinder of newspaper ​or colored paper seems to have appeared c.  
- +1904The earliest description found to date appears as “Novel Paper Cutting or Tearing Feat” ​in //​[[https://​​display/​10617/The+magician/8|The Magician]]//, Vol. No. 1, Dec. 1904, p. 5. Presumably, this article was written by the editor, Will Goldston. The explanation ​is introduced with mention that "The novelty I am about to describe is manipulated very cleverly ​by JFBurrows." This is not phrased to claim origination for Burrowsbut indicates that the item was in at least one performing repertoire by 1904 or earlier.
-The Newspaper Tree is also noted in performance ​by MrsPMartinka in //​[[https://​​display/​10142/​Conjurers+Monthly+Magazine/​410|The Conjurers'​ Monthly Magazine]]//​Vol. 2 No. 12, Aug. 1908, p. 379.+
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