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 ====== Ring on Glass Stem ====== ====== Ring on Glass Stem ======
-Said by some to have been invented by Pete Biro in 1970by othersBob Swadling is citedPerformed by Fred Kaps and others, but not published until August 2007 in //[[|Genii]]// (Vol. 70No. 8, p. 78).+Pete Biro claims to be the inventor; others cite Bob Swadling. It was performed by Fred Kaps and others, but not published until //[[|Genii]]//Vol. 70 No. 8, Aug. 2007, p. 78
 +In the interim, related tricks were published, such as Paul Gertner's "The Ring on Hourglass" in //Steel and Silver//, 1994, p. 180.
 {{tag>effect}} {{tag>effect}}