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 ====== Rising Wand in Fist ====== ====== Rising Wand in Fist ======
-Whaley credits Dr. Elliott with the invention of this trick, but bases that on a reference ​in Clarke that assigns to Elliott the invention of the "Anti-Gravity ​Wand". Under that heading ​in Whaley'​s ​//Encyclopedia//, he assures us that despite the nomenclatureClarke is referring to the Rising Wand but neglects to mention how he knows thisClearlythe basic idea and its mechanical composition (i.e., thread) is related to the far older Climbing Ring effect (wherein a ring rises on a wand or pencil), so it is difficult to believe this only goes back to the early twentieth century. Whatever the case may be, a reference to note "​The ​Wonderful Rising ​Wand" ​in //New Ideas in Magic// ​by WHJShaw (1902), which is possibly the first version to use elastic, since the rubber band itself didn't appear until 1845.+This trick showed up twice in 1902. William H. Shaw published ​"The Wonderful Rising ​Wand" in //New Ideas in Magic//, 1902p21, and Ellis Stanyon marketed ​"​The ​New Mesmerised ​Wand," ​1902 (see //[[http://​​display/​16613/​Stanyon+s+Magic+Vol+02+No+06/8|Magic]]//, Vol2 No7, Mar. 1902, p. 48).
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