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 ====== Cane to Table ====== ====== Cane to Table ======
-HJLehman built the first of these for Henry Roltareprobably in the first years of the twentieth centuryLehman went on to build the apparatus for the Hooker Card Risefrom 1914-1918See Jim Steinmeyer'​s article ​in //[[http://​​display/​37387/Genii/54|Genii]]//, Vol. 71 No. 4, Apr. 2008, p. 54.+DrJames WElliott ​first suggested creating a small table from a walking stick and top hat, in an article he wrote for Henry Ridgely Evans'​s //​[[https://​​display/​25326/​Magic+and+its+Professors/​177|Magic and Its Professors]]//​1902, p. 167. Elliott'​s table was not self-standing; ​the bottom end of the cane was inserted into a hole in the stage. 
 +Henry Roltare reversed ​the ideac1910, and had the first Table to Cane built for him by H. J. Lehman. Roltare quickly marketed the apparatus ​in early 1911; see //[[https://​​display/​38197/The+Sphinx/16|The Sphinx]]//, Vol. 10 No. 2, Apr. 1911, p. 40.
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