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Hindu Shuffle False Display

The ruse of using the Hindu Shuffle to apparently show different cards, but secretly showing the same card repeatedly can be found in two color-changing deck routines published in 1935:

  • It is used in “A Polychromatic Pack” by Tom Bowyer and Sid Lorraine in The Sphinx, Vol. 34 No. 8, Oct. 1935, p. 213, where Bowyer doesn't claim credit and writes “it has been described somewhere before”, but he cannot recall where.
  • On the other side of the ocean, Louis Lam described the display in “The Movie Colour Cards” in Would You Believe it?, Dec. 1935, p. 16.

The technique was later used with the faces to apparently show many duplicate cards in Jack Chanin's “Seven in One” card routine from Further Adventures of the Seven in One, 1938, p. 11. Advertisements for Chanin's booklet began appearing in April of 1938 (see The Linking Ring, Vol. 28 No. 2, Apr. 1938, p. 142). The following month, Harris Solomon suggested the same ploy in his trick “Nomolos” in The Jinx, No. 44, May 1938, pp. 301 & 303.

Also see Flushtration Count.